Aesthetically Pleasing Reduced Water Landscape Design



San Diego Waters Wise Landscape Design

San Diego landscape design incorporating water wise principles are the newest and most cost effective way to maintain sustainability. An experienced award winning landscape designer is available for hourly fee based consultations. We have been creating beautiful, reduced water, sustainable landscapes in San Diego since 2001.


Lower Water Plants

I always tell my clients how using lower water plants in a
design does not need to be restrictive or confining. When we use our own
California native plants together with plants from similar climates we can
create a vast array of aesthetically pleasing plant pallets. Plants from the
Mediterranean, Africa, Australia and New Zealand are some great examples.This
can mean multiple textures, heights, leaf and flower colors. Working in unison
with mother nature should look stunning not boring


Pest Resistant Plants

Nobody wants nasty looking bug and disease damage on their
plants. There are techniques to control and limit this upon designing your
planting plan. A term we plant nerds call “IPM” or integrated pest
management uses natural techniques to limit the damage in your garden while
working with mother nature and staying away from heavy pesticides that are not
great for anyone. One example is using plants that attract “good
bugs” into your garden that will eat “bad bugs” that damage
plants. As far as disease damage, knowing how to manage that is a skill in and
of itself. There are however varieties of plants that are disease resistant.
It’s all about knowing what to use where.


Fire Resistant Plants

Living in southern California, fire is actually part of our
natural ecosystem. So it makes sense to plan for it and limit its impacts on
the landscape. Although no plant is fire retardant, there are many that are
fire resistant. Using the proper planning in both hardscape and planting can
make a world of difference